A collection of works from this year (2022)


PASS 2021
A visual collection of images sent in by the artists of the exhibition. Not a catalogue as one would expect, yet a book that is in itself a work of art.
Pokémon: absurdist version
This booklet, the size of a GameBoy classic creates the eerie vibe where the player is pondering the existence of the NPC and their environment, but also the real-life environment with a comedic approach.
Absurdist Medusozoa
Short pseudo-documentary/essay film.
This movie can be seen as a stream of conciousness juxtaposed against the science of the animal-species.
How I Try Not to Lose my Head
An encyclopedia consisting of personal notes and worries. Thoughts contained in the space that might be seen as helmet.
Based on the Dutch saying: “you might lose your head one day”
Stil Staan
[Dutch] Master-thesis. I approached it as publication and did the typedesign accordingly.
Stil Staan is a plea for passivity, a plea for this never-ending rush to end. Adressing multiple aspects  on time and waiting .
Pondering in Latex
The philosophical aspect concerning bondage is an underrated one. Existentialism and questions that are unanswerable are a way of binding oneself. This booklet consists of my writings and allegories on said topics.

Jovian Storms
Jovian Storms is a small booklet that combines two 2Oth century science-fiction stories with the encyclopedic entry of the planet. This creates a weird and ambiguous storyline with facts and actions contradicting eachother.


On Invisibility
Reader on the invisible in literature and art. Combined with textexcerpts from Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirsig printed in blacklight UV-silkscreen.
Draw a straight line
Film based on the text-score of La Monte Young, shot in closed public swimming pools.
Short, shot on one roll of 16mm film. Ghosted footage creates an ambiguous scene that fits the preaching voice-over that contains text-fragments of Pirsig’s book.