Sébastien Bovie, born in 1995, is a Belgian artist based in Ghent, graduated at KASK Gent. Through film-making and publications, I seek media to be able to fit the narrative of my thinking.

The means of creating is a way of expressing the complexity of questions I can not seem to answer. Writing is an essential part of this, as the act of writing confronts the writer and reader with the validity of the posed question and as time goes by, it keeps its presence. I can only try and convey the weight I give to these things to the viewer or reader that passes by. Adapting the medium of the book, as much as film, I look for ways to converge theory, personal thoughts and collective experiences.


Founded in mid 2023, Copyshop— is a print-on-demand publishing platform for writers and artists that venture into bookmaking. Tseu Ying Tang and myself saw difficulties in the publishing process in the way of high costs of production, obscure communication about expectations and the expectations of tremendously impressive resumes. 

Copyshop— attempts to disregard this normative way of working and reaches out to writer/artist in a collaborative way. To topple the obstacles the writer and publisher finds, we steer into new and not often charted territories.

Teaching Practice

I teach in the 2nd and 3rd grades of secondary education, where I mainly focus on design and conceptual thinking, accompanied by the more technical aspects of print preparation and image editing.

Providing artistic tools to students within a context of open assignments encourages experimentation, which can be enriching for both them and me. Teaching is a very enjoyable experience, and I am eager to continue exploring the world of design with my students. :)