I guess at some point, you arrive somewhere.

[10:39, 16mm shot on Kodak250D]

At a theme park, especially one like Disneyland, the visitor wanders/wonders through paths of illusory scenery.

As Baudrillard elaborates in his essays on the Hyper-real in Simulacra and Simulation, Disneyland ends up being a place of truth in a world veiled by semiotic layers and signifiers that cloud our experience of the real.

In an essayistic manner and approaching the idea of narration in film from a slightly different perspective, I dissected some thoughts that passed my mind. These thoughts are meant to be lived internally, so they are mute. There is no Voice of God-voice over enforcing these written words. They are just worked out scribbles that ended up in fragments, short chapters to be read. These are followed up by 16mm footage I shot in the park. The shots are edited in camera as they contrast the current-day technology and counter it with a reflective nostalgia. As the images appear, they attempt to achieve a truthful aspect of cinema. They attempt to become visual writings.