How I Try Not To Lose My Head—

An encyclopedia on helmets and forgetfulness

[200x140mm, 240 pages, hardcover hand sewn]

The encyclopedia as object is an interesting given as it creates this space of validation. It is an item that radiates knowledge and thus the perfect choice of format for this book on forgetfulness.

The helmets are related to several dutch sayings concerning ‘not losing your head’ or ‘bump your head against the wall’, which would be literal translations. Hence the gathered information on numerous historical and fictional helmets. A hardcover filled with information on helmets, but mainly a stream of conciousness adressing the worries and stress that comes with a wandering mind. Add to that, drawings on a personal level to transcend the editorial, clean part of graphic design.

In the end, it is a book of personal notes and worries. Thoughts contained in the space that might be seen as helmet.