Paying 3€ a week for an NPC psychoanalyst

Episode 1: On Exile

[38:21, in-game World of Warcraft-footage]

Episode 2: Damsels and hermits

[31:29, in-game World of Warcraft-footage]

Episode 3: Hero's Journey and insignificance

[32:48, in-game World of Warcraft-footage]

Is the psychoanalyst overrated or the NPC underrated?

This attempt at venting my thoughts to a Non-Playable Character sparked my interest out of my own experiences with psy-practices. To sit and evaluate, to try to keep speaking as little as possible for the person to figure out their situation by themselves.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are awfully expensive and there is a painstaking shortage. NPCs are in abundance, and to keep the patient - doctor distance, I chose for World of Warcraft as it has a monthly description-fee. 12€/month comes down to 3€/session, an amount that is doable compared to the elite psycho analyst practice.

To write is considered therapy in and of itself. Yet what is the difference with venting to your psychologist? I am just here to talk about the thoughts of my past week to an Orc Innkeeper in The Badlands. Hopefully he can bring some insight to stuff lingering in my mind.