PASS 2021—


[148x105mm, 448 pages, softcover]

Concept&design Luc Derycke & myself (@mer.studiolucderycke)
Introduction: Tim Vanheers
Coördinatie: Tim Vanheers & Inger Dekeyzer

Courtesy of PASS 2021

A visual collection of images sent in by the artists of the exhibition. Not a catalogue as one would expect, yet a book that is in itself a work of art. An exhibition that is meant to be experienced whilst moving through a landscape, makes it hard to be represented in the format of a book. So with this setting, we attempted to transport the reader into a different landscape on paper. Waving through tones of Reflex Blue, the attempt was to transform the book into a universe.

Divided in four chapters, the order of images are decided by lottery picking. Those four chapters are thus named by the innocent hand... picking said order. The images of the artists are then edited in Photoshop by a “code or order” and in that way create a recurring pattern.