Pokémon: Absurdist Version (filmed)

[length depends on exhibition context, digital HD]

Pokémon: Absurdist Version is a film installation, its length depends on the opening hours of the place to avoid any form of loop.

Due to the context of the museum and the length of the film spanning over the entire span of the opening hours, it becomes impossible to watch the film in its entirety.  In that sense, the film creates a digital space, juxtaposed to the physical one it takes up through the screening. The character achieves a standstill in the virtual and the real.
Through this film, the character is forced to endure an existential passivity, the medium of film creates the possibility to force this waiting upon the audience. There is no fast-forward, no different pace to observe the enfolding of his thoughts. There is only a brief moment where spectator is part of the inability to act. In that moment, they become part of this existential debate. That moment of silence represents the internalised stream of consciousness, de question of ontological meaning. Hours on end, pondering, without any distraction results in a conflict of estrangement and the question for the stigmas around accelerationism.