An Octopus’ Inability to Relax—

How the episode Squidward’s Day Off manages to portray the inescapable worries that go hand in hand with 21st century Post-Fordism and......

[185x120mm, 24 pages, softcover hand-sewn]

SpongeBob and Squidward live on in our collective memory. Due to déjà vu, a specific episode resurfaced in my mind.

Squidward’s Day Off is a perfect example of Post-Fordist worries that are to this day even more relatable than ever. As he descends into madness on what should be a worriless Sunday, we are observing a close-to-home scenario. As a kid, we found Squidward a nuisance, only to be faced with the inescapable fact we become Squidward the moment we start ‘adulting’.

In this booklet is a small essay analyzing Squidward’s motives; why the Dutch version of the episode is more valuable than the English one; and a small transcript of my translation from Dutch to English.