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But the characters left, due to neoliberalism, globalization, monoculture, individualism, fascist law & order and other reasons.

Main characters have a clear goal ahead of them. They serve a purpose to be the central pivot point throughout the entire story. Literary characters, movie actors, video game personifications of ourselves, they are all essential to us connecting to the narrative.
But what are the odds that these characters are all isolated from the outside pressures of current-day, post-growth capitalism?

Do these characters reside in a utopian alternative universe where these concerns that keep us up at night, do not exist? What if the avatars that we use as entertainment, have to take up their responsibilities and play their part in the production-organism of their world?

A small booklet that addresses multiple fictional scenarios, RISO-printed in three colours: black, fluo orange and bright green. Through these colours, the images gain a screen-like brightness and a nostalgic texture that fits the idea of the videogames we hold dear in our memories.