Works from 2023

Works from 2022

NPC Psychoanalyst
Is the psychoanalyst overrated or the NPC underrated?
Pokémon: Absurdist version (video-installation)
There is no fast-forward, no different pace to observe the enfolding of his thoughts. There is only a brief moment where spectator is part of the inability to act.
JoJo’s Ontological Misventure
A small collection of scans from the manga accompanied by an essay on the difficulty of expressing oneself and the inevitable consequence of connecting with the (O)ther.
An Octopus’ Inability to Relax
As a kid, we found Squidward a nuisance, only to be faced with the inescapable fact we become Squidward the moment we start ‘adulting’.
I guess at some point, you arrive somewhere.
At a theme park, especially one like Disneyland, the visitor wanders/wonders through paths of illusory scenery.


Absurdist Medusozoa
Between speculative documentary and essay-film, this movie explores existential notions juxtaposed to the jellyfish.
PASS 2021
A visual collection of images sent in by the artists of the exhibition. Not a catalogue as one would expect, yet a book that is in itself a work of art.
How I Try Not to Lose my Head
An encyclopedia and poetry bundle. I use helmets as a gateway to defend my forgetfulness.
Jovian Storms
Experimental narrative of two science-fiction stories, combined with the Encyclopedia Brittanica entry on Jupiter. A rollercoaster of a reading experience, just like the surface of the planet.
Pondering in Latex
Bundled essays on the topic of BDSM in relation to existentialism and canonical literature. 
Stil Staan
[Dutch] My master thesis on the topic of passivity and the necessity of it. Starting from the theoretical point of view through Bergson, venturing into literature and ending in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.
Pokémon: Absurdist Version
Bundle of existentialist quotes, connected to various random NPCs throughout Pokémon Red.


On Invisibility
A reader on invisibility in the arts, supported by a UV silk-screened text about road trips of Robert Pirsig on top.
Draw a straight line
An interpretation of a text score by Lamonte Young (draw a line and follow it): 37 lines swum in empty public swimming pools.
Republished: Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
16mm ghosted footage supporting a short selection of text by Robert Pirsig on the topic of rushed travelling.